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Does this update mean the Steam release is approaching?


Absolutely awful. It was completely racist and degrading. There was no matches offered despite playing through several times. Completely disrespectful. Would not recommend at all.

I agree

This was pretty cool!

Okay seriously, I'm freaking out right now. I keep all of my games in a Games folder under My Documents. When I decided I didn't like your game, I went to uninstall it and it deleted the folders and files for Guild Wars 2, Raft, and Black Desert Online. All of my save files are GONE. Everything I worked so hard on in those games is gone forever, they're not in the recycle bin. I even tried to do a system restore, but the last restore point is from January 22nd, so I can't get them back without losing several art projects and essays.

This is a serious problem. Why would it delete things that aren't part of your game? What would have happened if I had told the Installer to put the game in my programs directory? Would it have deleted vital programs and files, like it did when I put it in PC/Documents/Games?

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I'm confused. Did you install QuikDate directly into your Games folder or into it's own subdirectory?

I'm looking to see if this is a known issue with GameMaker Studio's uninstaller.

Directly into the Games folder.


This doesn't feel like a game. I thought I'd get a chance to laugh, but it just made me feel bad. Also the version for women seeking men was terribly inaccurate


This game made me thankful that I have a fiancé and don't have to go through this.


This game showed me self-esteem issues I didnt even know I had! 10/10


I gave this game a quick run on my weekly indie game series Games and CHiLL. The game was a great source of humor (I didn't get a full read of the description before playing, so I was amused). I enjoyed it! Can't wait to see what other games you produce in the future!

Too real man, too real.


This is so accurate it hurts


This game was... eye-opening, to say the least. Here's a review I wrote!

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I give this game zero stars!

I won't let me type or get a date! :(

Don't play this game if you have low self-esteem. Like me.....also don't play if you have or had depression. it will crush you

clearly this is not for the weak of heart :00

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Will this game be available for macs?


Not for people with anxiety! Like me.

Or me. :(


can someone explain how to play


i only created an account to tell how this sucks

you had the time enough to make it an actual game

you cunt


can you make a real gamess Bitch!

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This game made me feel emotions that were much too real...damn the coldness of these people is amazing haha! After allowing my self esteem to regain itself I made a video of the gameplay, hope you guys check it out! QuikDate Gameplay

I can't seem to change my profile nor pick my messages


Those features aren't available in the free version of QuikDate.


how much is steam version?


Can you even win?


I dislike this game


I played your amazing game in celebration for valentines <3

I do hope you love it and thanks for letting my play such an amazing game!


Awesome game, however if you need me ill be sitting very tensely in the corner insisting i'm not mad. Until i come down from my rage, feel free to watch the Lets Play i made for my channel


Here is our honest and awesome review of QuikDate. Sometimes hitting close to home, QuikDate is a fun and.. .quick... play. Definitely worth checking out and dropping a few bucks to support the dev team.


This is such a fun game idea! It needs more character control and options. I want to make one of those terrible people love me, damn it! lol


"sry i only date white guys"

"not dating another atheist peap"

"im not that desperate"


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Glad you appreciated it! :D


I played this for my channel. You can watch it here;

Glad you enjoyed it! :D

I'm keen to see more games from you in the future :)


How do you know exactly what happened to me with dating site?

This game made my girlfriend cry >:-(


troll game


Hey! i played your game for my channel, hope you don't mind :D -

We're glad you... had an experience! :D